Total Body Relaxation

We are in the business of helping people feel better... much better!  Our reflexology and massage therapy specialists will relax your mind and body from head to toe.  Our one on one hand-crafted reflexology and massage therapy sessions will leave you feeling nothing less than extraordinary!

We go way above and beyond the typical massage.  Our practitioners have years of experience using specialized techniques unique to the art of reflexology.  Through proper stimulation of numerous pressure points (in your feet and hands for example), we activate your nervous system, leaving your mind and body in a state of euphoria and profound relaxation.

Our veteran therapists are able to sense even the most subtle changes in your body’s energy flow and will react accordingly.  While our full body reflexology therapy is exactly that, depending on your body’s specific needs, we may focus on key areas such as your legs, arms, shoulders, forehead, hands or feet.

If you are looking to truly change your body and dramatically improve your overall health you will want to try our ionic detox foot baths.  The detox foot bath is not only the perfect way to relax after a reflexology session but they literally draw negative even poisonous energy out of your body.  This natural process of detoxification among other things will increase your energy, improve metabolism, and invigorate your immune system.